April 2010

April 11th, 2010

Hi and welcome back to my monthly podcast mix.

Firstly i'd like to thank you all for your support so far, last months podcast had 407 downloads , not bad considering this is only the third one i thought, but we definately want more fans so please do suggest this podcast to your friends.

Ok, so on with this months Hefty Shindig!!!!!   I am very happy with this episode considering i had little time to arrange and record it due to work issues. After listening to the extremely talented Sven Vath and Dubfire followed by Digweed himself at Future Music Festival, i just knew my next episode had to be influenced by there track choice.

I absolutley love this to be honnest, very happy with the tracks i found. *********************Look out for King Unique - 2000000 Suns"  EPIC!!!!! ****************

All i can say is, if your looking for your regular house and pop, you've  definately come to the wrong place dear, this podcast is all about education, and i intend on doing exactly that people. Educate the masses!!!

Some seriously big big techy driving basslines and chopped up kicks in this one. Very progressive in stages and all out techno.

I know its not going to be everyones cup of tea but hey ho, you cant please everyone.

Also, please remember, as of this month there shall be a new monthly second episode from a special guest dj!! Guess who??????? Stay tuned to find out!!!!!

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated and please suggest this FREE podcast to your mates. You can come find me on facebook @  http;//www.facebook.com/GavT.a.k.a.TRIG or my myspace page is  http://www.myspace.com/gavtrotter .



01. Sahar Z & Guy Mantzur - Sneaky Monkey (Audio Junkies Big Room Mix)

02. Mark Brown - New Heights (Christian Smith & John Selway Remix)

03. D.Ramirez - Nitr8

04. Sebastien Leger - Les Frelons

05. Marc Houle - On It

06. Joan Reyes - Shakedown (Bass Kleph Remix)

07. Sergio Fernandez - On Fire (DJ Remy Remix)

08. Tonnsaied & Mario Kahn - Voided (Silinder Mix)

09. Christian Smith - Beluga (Secret Cinema Remix)

10. Antix - Manta (Beckers Remix)

11. King Unique - 2000000 Suns

12. Cirez D - Glow (In The Dark Dub)

13. 16 Bit Lolitas - Smoke Me Away

14. King Unique - Feniksas

15. Steve Moore - Bayern Kurve